"Where Serving the Lord is Exciting"


"Helping To Build The Church"


Peg Bishop

      Secretary, Treasurer & Clerk


Havard Still, John Wooten, Robert Cheek, Mikel Kinder, etc.



Havard Still

      Sunday School Director


Rev. Steve Sherlin 

      Adult Sunday School Teacher


Judy Still

      Youth Group  & Church Beautifier

Cana Kinder

        Sign Ministry  

Rita Womble

    Cares & Needs Ministry


Karen Wooten & Barbara Cheek

      Fellowship Dinner Directors


Peg Bishop, Judy Still & Cana Kinder

       Church Decorators


Rev. John Allman

      Sound Room Director

Instrument Players & Singers

Rev. Steve Sherlin

    Choir Director

Gabriel Bishop

    Pianio ~ Praise & Worship Choir

Peg Bishop

    Organ ~ Praise & Worship Choir Leader

Cana Kinder



Kenny Newton

    Bass Guitar

Tony Gatlin

    Bass Guitar

Judy Still

    Worship Tamborine

Katie Montgomery

    Choir Tamborine


Special Singers ~ Soloist, Trios & Quartets

Kim Gatlin, Peg Bishop, Connie Sherlin, Katie Montgomery, Debbie Lankford, Judy Still, Marie Miller, Alana Renfro, Betty Simmons, Jessica Warren, Judy Newton, Gabriel Bishop, Rev. Steve Sherlin, Pastor Ronnie Bishop, Kenny Newton, Jonathan Walton





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